Uganda has been currently referred to as a country with many orphaned children. The number of orphans in Uganda is increasing sday by day and time to time and this is because of the increasing death of parents due to the wide spread of HIV/AIDS in most parts of the country and also the instant out break of Malaria in the country.

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CARING HANDS ORPHANAGE-UGANDA was founded   in 2010, a non-profit community based organization started by a team of dedicated persons with the aim of helping the children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. We run an orphanage home and a school in the village of Kyentama, Ntungamo district in western Uganda.
Our main focus is the Children whose parents died due to HIV/AIDS related diseases who have experienced many negative changes in their lives and suffered neglect which has led to a lot of impacts like emotional trauma and neglect. According to statistics, most of the Uganda orphans approximately 98% live in rural areas with their host families, grandparents, or other relatives. Rural people are not well sensitized about the HIV/AIDS scourge. More emphasis is put on major cities and urban areas which leave rural people at a great risk of contracting HIV/AIDS leading to higher death rates of parents hence large numbers of orphans. Some orphaned children walk long distances to attend school while others are supporting themselves along with their younger brothers and sisters.

For starters we are providing shelter, sustainable education, and health care and social welfare facilities to 20 orphans and vulnerable children in ntungamo. But we do believe that we shall continually provide for more.



The HIV/AIDS pandemic has ravaged Western Uganda as it has much of the African continent.  Countless children have lost one or both parents, siblings, and other relatives to the epidemic.  In many cases the children are left abandoned, and without hope, to a future of starvation, hunger, and disease. Uganda has been currently referred to as a country with many orphan children. The number of orphans is increasing day by day, this is because of the increasing death rate of parents due to the wide spread of HIV/AIDS in most parts of the country. It has been estimated that there are over 2.5 million children have been Orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS scourge. HIV/AIDS is responsible for leaving many numbers of children across Uganda without one or both parents. The number of orphans varies in different regions within the country.
Rural parts of the Uganda have higher number of orphans than urban centers due to the fact that people living in rural areas are not sensitized on prevention methods of HIV/AIDS.
The age of orphans, however, is fairly consistent across parts of the country. Surveys suggest that about 15% of orphans are 0-4 years old, 35% are 5-9 years old, and 50% are 10-14 years old.

The physical needs of orphans, such as nutrition and health care, education, can often appear to be the most urgent. But the emotional needs of the children should be considered because the trauma and unforgettable experience may affect them for the rest of their life. In some cases also parents who do not protect their children while they are still pregnant, tend to give birth to children who are infected with HIV/AIDS so upon the parents death, the child is left with no support from any other family member since all are aware of the child’s status.
Orphaned children tend to miss out on school enrolment or have their studies Interrupted due to number of reasons; i.e.  Stigma and discrimination in schools, lack of financial assistance, daily upkeep, health etc Much effort and action is needed to be taken and put into considerations to ensure the legal and human rights of orphans. To this CARING HANDS ORPHANGE UGANDA felt the need to rise up and be the voice to the voiceless, a team of dedicated members with commitment to act upon the disaster.

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